Our Historical Heritage

Faithful to the spirit of their predecessors, the Frères Rochat watchmakers, both craftsmen and restorers have risen to the impressive challenge of reinventing a Grand Complication movement in tune with its time and in step with modern-day savoir-faire and the history of the Rochat Brothers. The original philosophy is perpetuated with passion and emotion. Established in La Vallée de Joux, a seat of Swiss watchmaking genius, our company designs and manufactures singing bird automata of exceptional quality, faithfully inspired by the Rochat Brothers’ 19th century traditions and movement architecture.

Rochat Brothers’ Coat of Arms, “de sable à la roue d’or”


The Rochat Brothers set themselves apart from their contemporaries by the sophistication of their birds’ movements and the careful assembly of cams, thanks to which sudden melody interruptions are no longer an issue. They succeed in the amazing feat of making their birds chirp well-known musical pieces. Containing a unique set of Grand Complications, the architecture of their jewels is likened to that of a great artist’s canvas.

Famous around the world for the quality and architecture of their movements, the Rochat Brothers learn rapidly, developing unprecedented expertise. Masterful technicians and manipulators of noble materials, the three brothers reach the pinnacle of aesthetic quality for each component of the casing: their ornaments are sublime. The Rochat Brothers’ jewels soon belonged to the market of inaccessible luxury.

In 1813, they open a shop at rue de Coutance in Geneva, marking the beginning of a supremacy which would last until the mid 19th century. Almost hundred of their masterpieces were exported across the world.

A solicitor’s document dated July 24th, 1813 and signed by the three famous Rochat Brothers


The beauty and cleverness of their craftwork is constantly improving. Always seeking innovation, the three geniuses from Le Brassus push their decorative work and their miniature mechanisms to the limits, tirelessly perfecting the movement choreography of their singing bird automata.

“Hélène et Pâris” Snuffbox with singing bird, gold case on guilloché pattern with a paint on enamel lid Frères Rochat no. 56 (1815)


At the turning point of a new era, François, Fréderich and Samuel were writing the most exciting pages of their history. At that time, the watchmaking business went from the producing single pieces to greater quantities; whereby the first large factories were built.

Frères Rochat Singing Bird watch

1815_Singing bird watch La_leçon_de_chant_1818

The “Singing Bird Pistol” is considered one of the most complicated horological craft ever created. For purists, lovers of “Haute Horlogerie” and of craftsmanship, this chef-d’oeuvre of the 19th century is considered among the most beautiful collector’s items. Designed around the same time as Breguet finished his tourbillon, it is one of the Rochat brothers’ magnum opus.

Singing Bird Pistol Double-barreled pistol with singing bird, gold, pearls and enamel. Created for a wealthy Chinese buyer Frères Rochat (1820)


At least two generations contributed to the creation of these pieces of horological jewels: David, the patriarch and his progeny, François, Fréderich and Samuel. Famous for their genius as watchmakers, they are authors of wondrous pieces, shocking in their complexity.