Contemplation du Cerisier Impérial

Maison Frères Rochat and its exceptional new model

The splendour of the cherry blossom provided the company’s inspiration for its new unique model.

In China, the symbolic significance of the cherry blossom is associated with feminine beauty. It is the allegory of power and strength, and is also the emblem of love and passion, providing the perfect reasons to take inspiration from this plant’s delicate nature and its strong symbolic significance in China and throughout the world.

The shape of the case

The case in the style of Chinese treasures resembling an ingot, which, in Chinese culture, is a perfect container in which to preserve the most precious treasures. The hope of fortune does not necessarily reflect a desire for personal wealth, but rather an aspiration for success and prosperity extended to one’s whole family. The exact form of these cases varied according to the era and region, offering a very large choice of sizes, qualities, weights, patterns and inscriptions. Ingots shaped in the form, of a boat, a pancake, a horse-shoe, a drum or even a tea flower were quite popular.


A celebration of the feminine

Burins, gravers, burnishers and other small pointed blades with wooden handles: the engraver’s tools bear witness to the secular roots of the oldest form of decorative art used to embellish the most beautiful of exceptional articles in existence. In the adroit hands of an expert, they transform the bird’s case into a work of art, each trait patiently sculpted and animated by the play of the light. Between copperplate, bas-relief or embossing, the surfaces patiently accumulate each detail of the design, offering the goldsmith exceptional areas of expression.

The outline of the case is an arrangement of surfaces and edges particularly taut and full of life reflecting an exceptional light. These character lines provide the structure for the whole object, beautifully modern, acting as the support for the bird. The shapes are carefully designed, generating spaces with great expressive freedom and beautiful areas, in which to demonstrate various levels of craftsmanship, and all quite exceptional.

The branch of the plant is created in white gold, continually extending, bringing all the natural delicacy of the plant and the energy of a branch in full bloom. The branch, engraved, studded and polished, develops into an integral element of the structure of the case, in a modern way, issuing forth from the gold and pursuing its path, all the while preserving the case’s extended lines.


The engraving

The carving work on the case’s surfaces evokes both a high brilliance and the contrast with the gently polished finish of the branches.

The flowers, finely engraved in white gold appear as if they have dropped on the case, like fresh flowers blown by the wind and merging with the curves in the gold. Their lightness is superbly executed, the cuplike shape of the petals, realised in the fine material, produces an animated area, which is full of life.

The extremely fine engraving brings these precious flowers to life, evoking the superb cherry tree branch gently blooming. The very delicate extremities of the flowers are a work of ultimate artistry, with the final objective of ensuring the most beautiful reflection of the light and lending an almost magic brilliance to the gold. A balance between the modernity of the branches, the voluptuousness of the flowers and the finesse of the buds ready to burst forth, combines with the case’s surfaces to celebrate a truly feminine jeweller’s creation.


The art of setting

The art of setting, in its purest possible form, is eminently displayed on the “contemplation of the imperial cherry tree” case. First of all the baguette diamonds, of an exceptional purity, appear in their full splendour in the area with the design in the shape of an elongated eye, with each end tapering to a sharp point. The diamonds cut specifically to fit into this profile, on each side, are inclined to give the object perfect brilliance.

The setting brings the engraved flowers to life in the most beautiful way possible: these are set with hundreds of diamonds of an exceptional quality, surrounded by a grain setting, where the setter works the tiny details in gold relief to form the stones’ settings. Grain setting is the peak of the jeweller’s art and can only be entrusted to the most skilful craftsmen.

Certain diamonds, larger than the others, are included to give body and create an exceptional relief for the petals, by highlighting more than ever the intricacies of the uniqueness of each one of the flowers. So, if setting is a science of precision, it is also an art. The art of giving life to the most precious and unique objects, because luxury jewellery consists in transcending creations by harnessing the imagination and poetry of the artist’s crafts.


The hand painting

Some of the engraved flowers are hand-painted, using the most dexterous techniques. The resulting nuances reflect those of the real flower, tinted with white, mother-of-pearl and pink. Each stamen in the warm grey tones stretches out over the petals, arching delicately and creating relief.


The bird

The bird and its nest are also hand-engraved. The bird, exceptionally small, in gold and titanium, is finely sculpted to display its silky plumage and its down. Its nest, like a fine lacework, further enhances the natural setting of the cherry blossom, creating a network of curves and forming the link between the object’s exceptional technology and its sheer outward beauty.


Beyond watchmaking and the mechanical, Frères Rochat has created a model as luxurious as it is experiential.

The singing bird is by nature a sensual, poetic object, because it tells a story. It is synonymous with pure luxury, expressing a rare and breathtaking poetry, housed in an exceptional jeweller’s setting. Each element tempts you to dream, admire, imagine and possess.

The art of emotions

The combination of technologies culminates in pure poetry, as the vegetation comes to embody the cadence of the various artistic crafts, all executed to a high level of excellence. Extremely fine miniature painting, stunningly light engraving, infinitely poetic jewellery setting and modernity in the shape of the overall ensemble, this article constitutes a work of art, and each of its contributing crafts enjoys full expression. A diamond caress, an effect of the light, the substantial interplay of lines and curved beams of light all go towards animating this poetic complication. This unique object builds a new story around a strong character, alive and subtle, with a bird that comes into its own in this precious space. Setters, engravers, watchmakers, lapidaries, jewellers and a company such as Frères Rochat bring stories to life and know how to stir the hearts of those who, with that specially receptive sensitivity, gaze upon this unique piece

FR2903, 1227 components, 14 cams, 74 jewels

2 bird songs (troglodyte and wood warbler) and an extract from Mozart’s Symphony No. 40

18ct White Gold, hand-engraved, with hand painted cold enamel

Case set with 40 baguette cut IF VVS white diamonds (17 carats)

and flowers set with 686 VVS white diamonds (7.78 carats)

18ct Gold body and head finely hand-engraved

Wings, beak and tail in Titanium finely hand-engraved
Eyes with white diamonds

18ct Gold with hand-engraved floral motif

18ct Gold with hand-engraved and gem-set decoration