Enchanting Bird

Our Grand Complication movement is 100% designed, manufactured and assembled in Switzerland. The bird moves as if it were real, its wings and tail fluttering; it can open its beak and turn its head. It spins and moves in perfect synchrony with the four different melodies.

The 21st century’s most precious and exclusive object of horological art

FR2903 movement
20 complications
1,227 components
74 jewels
14 cams
12 semitones whistle
4 melodies
1 fusee-barrel with 404-link micro-chain



The mechanism, called the fuse-barrel, permits the functioning of the whole set of complications as well as the clever regulation of the movement speed. The barrel itself is connected to the fuse by a fine micro chain.

The fine micro chain is made up of 404 links, connected one by one, by hand, with great accuracy and meticulousness.


Bellow and pistons

98 components are assembled to form the bellows, which blow the air needed for the music to play. The Bellows is blowing the air through the tube to the 12 semitones whistle. Simultaneously, the song came is activating the piston, which slides quickly to perform the right musical note, creating a note of striking harmony.


Our Singing Bird is moving and singing as it was a real Bird whistling, our Singing Bird twirls gracefully. Its beak and tail move in perfect synchronicity with the melody of the song, it spins majestically, fluttering its wings and turning its head.


The moment the mechanism is triggered, the bird deploys an elaborate set of independent movements, requiring no less than 101 components, intricately assembled, contained within a casing the size of a sugar cube. Together, these activate the singing birds’ four functions. Once its serenade is completed, the avian performer disappears as quickly as it appeared.