Stéphane Velan

CEO Frères Rochat SA,

Married with two children, Stéphane Velan comes from Bassins, a few kilometres from Le Brassus. His father, a graduate of the Geneva watchmaking school, and his mother, who worked for Jaeger-LeCoultre at Le Sentier, passed on their love of fine watchmaking to their son.

Although as an adult his career takes him to some of Switzerland’s biggest corporations, he remains true to his origins and in 2010 he establishes the Frères Rochat SA workshops in Le Brassus. Bringing together the best designers and horological craftsmen, he brings back to life the Frères Rochat singing bird in the best traditions of Swiss horology. The Babylone and Intemporis models make their world debut at Baselworld in 2013, exactly 200 years after the birth of the brand.


« Reinventing in 2013 these extremely complex movements by reviving two centuries of tradition and expertise in the watchmaking industry has been a prodigious human and professional endeavour. I decided it was finally time, to fill the long absence of one of the most demanding domain in the watchmaking world, by retrieving, redesigning and manufacturing one of the famous Frères Rochat pieces.

The creation of a Grand Complication “Singing Bird Automaton” of such a sophistication has not been possible previously, as it was necessary to gather together individuals with multi-disciplinary skills, many of which had been lost over the last two centuries. Only the confidence, tenacity and determination of a small group of dedicated individuals enabled this project to be brought to fruition. A break of two centuries ends… at last… and I would like to share with you the intense emotion linked to the presentation of our first Singing Bird Automaton. »


We wish to perpetuate the legacy of a bygone era, of a time when watchmaking, the meeting point of science and craftsmanship, was above all a passion which sought to achieve timelessness and excellence…