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Faithful to the spirit of their predecessors, the Frères Rochat watchmakers, both craftsmen and restorers have risen to the impressive challenge of reinventing a Grand Complication movement in tune with its time and in step with modern-day savoir-faire and the history of the Rochat Brothers. The original philosophy is perpetuated with passion and emotion. Established in La Vallée de Joux, a seat of Swiss watchmaking genius, our company designs and manufactures singing bird automata of exceptional quality, faithfully inspired by the Rochat Brothers’ 19th century traditions and movement architecture.

Frères Rochat, official suppliers to imperial and royal courts for more than 200 years

Frères Rochat has its origins in an eminent watchmaking family from Le Brassus. In 1813, they produced the world’s most complicated singing birds and became official suppliers to the imperial and royal courts of Europe and Asia. Napoleon’s wife, Empress Josephine, and one of his better-known mistresses, Maria Walewska, as well as the sultans in Constantinople and the Chinese imperial aristocracy were among their privileged clients. In 2015, more than 200 years after it was created, the song of the Frères Rochat bird still strikes a chord in the hearts of collectors, and the rarest examples reach several millions at the sales of specialist auctioneers.


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