Métiers d’Art

Our Masterpieces celebrate an artistic vision of object of art and convey stories inspired by arts and cultures from around the world. Frères Rochat combines unparalleled craftsmanship, technical prowess and innovation in all its creations.

Frères Rochat is constantly exploring new fields of expression. Love of beauty and perfection. Rigour, precision, patience and tenacity, these are the qualities and key attributes associated with the exceptional artisans: guillocheurs, enamellers, gem-setters, engravers that Frères Rochat utilises to produce exceptional pieces. These skills and the age-old knowledge used are being kept alive by a limited number of artisanal organisations.


Special men and women produce Masterpieces of aesthetics, spending hours perfecting their works of art. Frères Rochat demands unsurpassable quality for each of its pieces, to ensure delivery of superb ornamentations, the finest regalia with the perfect finishing.

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